Anger which is not controlled, has the tendency to ruin relationships, your career and your health as well. Being angry can also affect your life, and could induce depression, violence and feelings of suicide. You need to understand that anger does not only affect yourself, it also affects your children, neighbours, family, friends, colleagues and the likes. Hence, if you are an individual who is suffering from anger problems, there is a need for you to seek support, which would enable you to get the appropriate support quintessential in managing anger effectively.

Anger as a phenomenon is not a problem. The real problem arises when your anger gets to a stage where it becomes uncontrollable, and then you lose control of your behaviour. When this occurs, you can behave irrationally, abuse could occur, you could get addicted and even get into trouble.
Most times, people who have anger issues tend to hide their feelings, stating that it is not appropriate, and they need no help. This is what often leads to crazy outbursts and health-related issues.

There is no cure for anger as it stands, as it is a healthy emotion which everyone has. When it becomes uncontrollable, it could become destructive.
However, anger can be treated, and one effective treatment for anger, is cognitive behavioural therapy, whose purpose aids the angry individual to come to terms with the fact that there are negative thoughts in place, which are most times responsible for the outbursts. This therapy helps affected individuals to work well with mental health professionals to study how to effectively manage stressful life situations more productively.

Patients would learn how to:
Handle life situations in a more effective and calm manner
Resolve conflicts in relationships in a better way
Handle grief more effectively
Handle fatigue, chronic pain and other symptoms

Another technique which works effectively, is Heart Coherence Training, and this works by putting to heart some specific technique which would enable you to monitor the rhythms of the heart amongst others.
Conclusively, anger suppression does not ensure that the emotional upset would go off, what could happen is, depression or anxiety could set in. It is essential to reach out to a professional who would be of help when it gets beyond control.

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